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Life in a spiritual community can be very helpful and beneficial. However, the opposite can be true, too. It is destructive when personal boundaries are violated, when false and distorted views of God are taught, and when control is wielded over others in the body of Jesus Christ.

That such negative experiences occur does not disqualify the Christian message that seeks to draw people to the love of God. Nor does it devalue the concept that the church is a spiritual community. However, the fact that abusive dynamics in religious environments exist challenges Christians and members of churches and fellowships to be honest and take a good look at themselves. What are we teaching and how do we treat each other?

What I Offer for Various Target Groups

Through my counseling and seminar services, I want to stimulate thinking on various and relevant ideas.


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Seminars can be a useful addition to a personal consulting process. Participants have the opportunity to process a lot of information in a relatively short amount time, and this can enrich and accelerate the personal process.

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