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I’m glad that you found your way to my website!

This website is for those who want information about a very current topic. A topic that is being discussed in our society more and more.

The dynamics of violating borders within a religious environment – otherwise known as spiritual (religious) abuse – and how it affects people.

It is becoming clearer that it is important to explain/expose it within a Christian context.

Faith and a relationship with God are, in themselves very valuable. Precious resources for life to the one who has found them, who understands their reality and power. On the other hand, many have been violated by those dressed in religious robes. These have inflicted great damage to others “in the name of God” or “Faith”…with far reaching consequences for their lives and their futures.

I would like to inform you
…how such destructive dynamics can arise in religious contexts
…how they affect you
…how you can find hope again and travel the path to healing.

That is, through various services I have to offer:

I wish you all the best and new confidence where you need it.

Inge Tempelmann